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Is It Safe To Use My Credit Card Over The Internet?

Experts agree that it is safer to use your credit card on the Web than it is to use it in a restaurant or store. With any credit card transaction, your liability should your card be used without your permission is usually limited to $50, but may vary depending on your individual credit provider (see your credit agreement with your credit card company for more information).

That's good news. Nonetheless, we take precautions to protect the integrity of your personal information. We are as concerned about security and privacy as you are. We are happy to report that millions of secure credit card transactions are conducted on the Internet every day.

We use Secure Servers with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) transmission. This enables us to encrypt any data sent to our Web Server, and in turn our Server will encrypt any data sent back to your Web Browser. This means you can safely enter your entire credit card number when prompted by our online purchasing system and it cannot be read in transit.

To check the security of your connection, look at the lower left-hand corner of your Browser Window after accessing the Server. If you see an unbroken key or a closed lock (depending upon your Browser), then SSL is active. You can also double-check by looking at the URL line of your Browser. When accessing a Secure Server, the first characters of the Site address will change from "http" to "https." Some versions of Browsers and some Firewalls don't permit communication through Secure Servers. In that case, you'll be unable to connect to the Server so you won't have to worry about mistakenly placing an order through an unsecured connection.


How Do I Order Online?

While shopping you have the option of browsing around the store or going directly to the specific product you wish to purchase. The entire Celebrity Merchandise store is divided into convenient categories such as T Shirts, Collectibles, etc. you can browse these categories using the links on the left side of your Browser Window. Selecting a category leads you to sub-categories and then to specific Products with pricing. Our store uses an electronic "Shopping Basket" that works just like the real thing. When you find something you like, just click on "Add to Basket" and that item will be reserved for later purchase.

You're free to change your mind, removing or adding things to the Basket as you shop. Just click on "Basket" at any time to view the contents. When you're done shopping and ready to make a purchase, click on "Checkout". There will be a short delay as you're switched over to the Secure Server where your information is handled with complete privacy. You'll then be shown the contents of your Shopping Basket and asked for billing and shipping information. Once your order is processed, you will receive a confirmation  that contains a copy of your order. You may retain this for your records as a receipt of purchase. Your credit card will not be charged until your order has been shipped.


Purchasing By Minors:

It is our policy not to sell any Product to minors. If you are under the age of 18, and wish to buy, you must get a parent or legal guardian to make a purchase for you.


Return Policy :

Celebrity Merchandise offers a 14 Day Return Policy. This means that products may be returned within 14 days from the date of delivery.
Refunds are for the cost of the merchandise only, and do not include shipping and handling charges. Any return received with missing items or without original packaging will not be credited.
The following items are NEVER returnable:
Any item that has been worn, used or altered is NEVER returnable.
Wigs are NOT returnable.
To initiate a return:
Email us as to the nature of and reason for your return at MM@celebritymerch.com, being sure to include
> your order number
> your email address
> a brief description of the problem
> any damage or shortage, where applicable
Wait to receive an email confirmation that we can accept your exchange or return. In this way you can verify that we have the item you are seeking in exchange for your return. Once you have received our email confirmation of the exchange or return, send your merchandise back to us by a traceable shipping method at: Celebrity Merchandise 4570 Van Nuys Blvd., #306, Van Nuys, CA 91423-2031 We generally process returns within a three business days of receiving the returned product. During the Halloween season returns may take somewhat longer.

PLEASE NOTE: You must send your returned merchandise by a traceable method: Without the ability to track the delivery, if we do not receive merchandise that you have returned, we will not be responsible for refunding your order. Any returned item that falls outside of our normal return guidelines is subject to a minimum 15% handling charge. Please double check that you have included ALL of the costume parts and packaging prior to mailing your return to us. This 15% handling charge also applies to unauthorized refused packages. There is a minimum 20% restocking fee if multiple numbers of the same item are ordered and subsequently returned. If there is a problem with your order or if you still have questions or need help, please contact our Customer Service Department: Email: MM@celebritymerch.com

Defective Merchandise:

Defective merchandise will be exchanged for the same item when the defective merchandise is returned within the first 30 days of purchase. An explanation of the nature of the defect must be included with the returned merchandise.

Unless otherwise authorized, the Customer is responsible for the cost of shipping refunded merchandise back to our Fulfillment Center.

Payment Options

We accept Visa, Mastercard and EuroCard credit cards, as well as checks, and money orders, which are drawn in U.S. funds on a U.S. bank. Checks must include inscribed name, current address and phone number, and must have a valid nine-digit routing number that is encoded on the bottom of the check. Checks may take longer to process than credit card orders.

Credit Card Orders Celebrity Merchandise has purchased our own Secure Certificate to facilitate and guarantee the security of any credit card transaction you wish to conduct at this Web Site. Any purchase you make is billed by Celebrity Merchandise, Inc., Owners of celebritymerch.com, which utilizes the best encryption technology available on the Internet to protect your information while in transit.

Sales Tax

Sales Tax is charged for all orders within California. Rates are based on the local tax rate of the shipping address. Sales Tax applies to the total price (including shipping) of the order.

Customer Service Policy

Our Online Support Team is dedicated to providing quality assistance to its customers. We offer support by e-mail, and fax. It is our policy to reply to customers e-mail requests, if not immediately, within 48 hours. If we can not effectively resolve customers requests, we will strive to provide feedback to you within 1-3 business days from the time of your fax or e-mail. We are dedicated to communicating and responding to our customers worldwide in a timely manner. We are able to provide information via fax, or e-mail, and receive orders via any of the previously mentioned delivery modes. We stock over 300 different Products, therefore Product related questions may need to be referred to individual Product supplier, and therefore may take up to 3 business days to return your reply. We will do everything possible to try to answer your questions in a timely fashion.

Fax: 24 Hour Fax 818/981-7941

e-mail: mm@celebritymerch.com

United States Shipping Policy

Shipping is available worldwide unless prohibited by your local jurisdiction. There is no flat-rate shipping charge regardless of weight or size. Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, and US Territories may cost additional. You will be informed via e-mail if there is an additional cost. Sorry, but we cannot ship to PO Boxes. Orders for in-stock items will usually ship within three business days. All shipping is calculated in real time using the USPS online shipping database.

International Shipping Charges

For orders outside the US the shipping charges are calculated in real time using the USPS online shipping database. You are also responsible for paying any taxes, duties, or customs fees charged by your local government. Please check with your local post office for more information.

Shipping Of Merchandise

All US credit card orders are shipped within 5 business days at the latest. Money Order purchases are shipped within 5 business days, and check orders are shipped the day after the check is cleared by the bank. All Merchandise is shipped by the United States Postal Service. International orders are shipped Surface unless otherwise noted.

Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of International orders.

Backordered And Out Of Stock Items

Backordered Merchandise includes items that are not currently in stock. These items are either on order with our manufacturers. We will ship the Merchandise that is in stock and when we receive the back ordered or out of stock items we will ship it to you promptly and free of charge.

Gift Certificates

Want to give the perfect gift? Give a Web Gift Certificate. What's a Web Gift Certificate? Think of Web Gift Certificate like a paper Gift Certificate, except that it's virtual, and has universal acceptance! In fact, it's the world's first Web-Wide Gift Certificate that can be used to buy virtually anything, anywhere at any time on the Web! Click on: Gift Certificates

What To Do If Your Order Doesn't Arrive

The proper way to alert Celebrity Merchandise of any problems you may have: First, of all Celebrity Merchandise has been doing business on the Net now for five years, and we've had no problem with people receiving their orders. The only way that a Net company can survive is by treating their customers with honesty and respect. So we've included a list of things to do in the rare instance that you do not receive your package.

1. If you're going to e-mail, include your name, address, telephone number, order number and what it you have ordered so that we can correspond with you. Email to: mm@celebritymerch.com.

2. If you placed your order by check, we still have to wait for your check to clear (7 days) before shipping.

3. Sometimes the post office is just slow. Give them a couple of days.

4. If the above does not work, please contact us. (see contact page)


F.A.Q.'s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: I noticed you only accept credit cards, do you accept other forms of payment?

A: Yes. We accept checks, money orders, and cash, in U.S. funds only.


Q: I noticed that when I do my final checkout the credit card number box is not encrypted, does this mean that my information is not secure?

A: No. You are on a 100% secure server. You will notice that the lock at the bottom of your browser is closed and highlighted. This means you are on a secure server.


Q: I am in a country outside of North America, what type of currencies do you accept?

A: For your convenience, and ours, all shopping cart items are in U.S. funds only.


Q: I am looking for a specific product, but could not find it in your Web Site. Would you have it in stock?

A: We carry a large variety of Products, if you do not see the Product you are looking for, please e-mail us the Product name and number and we will be happy to search for the Product you are looking for. Use the above e-mail address.


Q: I notice when I try to search for an item in your Web Site it states no items found.

A: Our search program works on a Boolean format, example: CD-ROMs + (Product Name) + (Product Code). Please notice the use of "+" in between search parameters.


Q: I noticed on the Order Page the drop down menu for State/Province My state is not there. Do I put it in the "Other" column?

A: Yes. Please put your State or Region in this column.


Q: I noticed within your Cart you have not stated how long it will take to receive my order. How long will it take?

A: Within North America please allow 7-10 business days for delivery. International orders please allow 6-8 weeks. If you require any more information please e-mail us at mm@celebritymerch.com

AOL Users:

We have tested and found that AOL 4.0 software works with our Site most of the time. You will have problems due to AOL's insistance on compressing all Web graphics until they look like mud. As well as decreased color crispness and if AOL is congested as usual, pages will take a long time to load. If you have not upgraded your AOL software to 4.0 with Internet Explorer, please so do. If you wish to use Netscape with AOL 4.0 software, go to keyword "HELP" for assistance in changing Browsers.

For more information or for assistance please go to keyword: "Help"

AOL Tech Support call 1-800-827-3338.
From outside the US call 1-703-264-1184 .

Netscape Users:

The Following Link May Help You:

Netscape Help or Search Yahoo for "Netscape Help" topics

Printing Questions:

Netscape has a setting to help you print dark color pages. Go to the "FILE" menu, select "PAGE SET-UP" then click "BLACK TEXT" this will make all of your Netscape printed pages easier to see.

Java Script Questions:

This Site uses Java and Javascript and is formatted to work and look best with WINDOWS IExplorer 4X(or better), or MAC NETSCAPE 4X (or better) with the Java and Javascript turned on. If you're using any WINDOWS version 3x -Look under menu OPTIONS, NETWORK, LANGUAGES and make sure you've turned on the Java and Javascript options.

If you're using MAC or Windows Version 4x -Look under menu EDIT, PREFERENCES, ADVANCED, and make sure you've turned on the Java and Javascript.

Speed Problems:

Cache: You can tell Netscape to cache or save pages to your hard-drive and or memory so you don't have to download them on every visit. For WINDOWS version 3x look under OPTIONS, NETWORK, CACHE and set your memory cache to 5000 and your disk cache to at least 5000 - also select the "Verify once per session" option.

If you're using MAC or Windows Version 4x -Look under menu EDIT, PREFERENCES, ADVANCED and do the same. If your Browser is older than WINDOWS release 2X or MAC release 3X it might be time to upgrade!

IExplorer Users:

The following links might be helpful:

IE FAQ's Explorer Help Desk at Microsoft

Explorer handles graphics and formatting differently than Netscape. Although this Site works with both (4.0) Browsers, the formatting has been optimized for Explorer 4.

Java Script Questions:

This site uses Java and Javascript and is formatted to work and look best with WINDOWS IExplorer 4X (or better), or MAC NETSCAPE 4X (or better) with the Java and Javascript turned on.

Explorer Version 3x does not support Javascript and will not be able to use the Javascript functions here. If you are still using ver 3X, you will need to upgrade your brower software before enjoying this site to its fullest.

Web TV Users:

This site is compatible with Web TV with the following exceptions:

1.)The Streaming Videos and Flash 4 players will not work with Web TV, however, all the other applications should work fine. There is more than enough content available for Web TV users to make your visit with us a fun one.

2.) Some formatting or "lay-out" on pages using small fonts will look a bit jumbled, but should be quite readable. We tested this site using a Web TV viewer and found it to be acceptable.

© COPYRIGHT 2003 Celebrity Merchandise Inc. All Rights Reserved. Email: mm@celebritymerch.com

© COPYRIGHT 2003 Celebrity Merchandise Inc. All Rights Reserved. Email: mm@celebritymerch.com
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